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Download for free the most accurate wind and weather forecast app specially designed for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders!


Our team is constatly improving Wind Tracker but these are the main features.

Unlimted spots worldwide

Anywhere you are or plan to be.

Hourly forecast

Find out when the exact time to go surfing, sailing or paragliding is.

Share with friends

Don't be greedy, share the wind with your friends.

Unlimited spots worldwide

Philipinnes, Vietnam, Mauritius, Spain, Hawaii, Brazil and so on, we have forecasts for any place in the world.

Type the name of a spot and we'll find it.

Favorite Spots
No need to search the same spots everytime, just save them.

Compare Conditions
With a single glance you can compare current conditions in your favorite spots.

Sign Up
Sign up for free to keep your spots across devices.

Hourly forecast

Don't wait all day long to catch the wind, just check Wind Tracker and find out when the best time to go surfing or hiking is.

Wind Speed & Direction
Most accurate wind forecast you'll ever find.

Air temperature, precipitation, humidity, atmospheric pressure.

Up to 7 Days
Well, we are not Nostradamus but our forecast may save your vacation.

Intuitive Interface
Swipe to change days, drag to change hours.

Share with friends

Every sport activity is fun when it's shared with friends.

Dead Easy
With just one click we take screenshot of current spot page.

Any Social Media App
You can share through any social media app installed on your device.

Invite Friends
Your friends have never heard of Wind Tracker? Get them to know now!

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